All About Us and The Ranch


             Northern Lights Ranch is still a work in progress.  We recently relocated to the beautiful Ohio Valley, and have found a property that is perfect for us. There are minor things that we need to accomplish here over the next several years, however the training & housing facilities are exceptional.  We look forward to introducing you to our horses, our dogs and our ranch.

The Horses of Northern Lights


             The horses of Northern Lights Ranch offers you the very best in Gypsy Bloodlines, here and abroad.  With names like Lion King, Babydoll, Lottery Horse, Darrig, Shambo, and Billy Boy, just to start.  Foals for sale  and occasionally adults as well.  We also offer horse training for show, pleasure, competition or just a better behaved pal.  Follow the link to see our horses and learn more about our breeding and training programs.

The Dogs of Northern Lights


             Are looking for a wonderful pet, a working partner or a guardian for your family and home? If you answer yes,  the dogs of Northern Lights are sure to exceed your expectations.  We have herding dogs, specializing in working horses, service and scent dogs, K-9s and Ranch/Home Guardians.  Puppies are occasionally available, after our dogs have passed stringent genetic testing.

             We also offer dog training to all of our clients and at times accept outside dogs as well.  From learning manners to behavior modification.  Trained dogs occasionally available.