Northern Lights Working Dogs

Trained Adult & Young Adult Dogs

The following dogs are available for sale/adoption from our program.  Most often they are dogs bred by us and retained for our service or working programs that have either been dropped from the program, or replaced for one reason or another.  Occasionally we have dogs that were brought in for one ofour programs that have washed out. 

Australian Shepherds  

URO1 CH Northern Lights Happy Hour

2 yo Red Merle male

Currently intact - available as Pet (altered), Show/Breeding, Performance and Therapy prospect.

Will be completing his X-rays (Hips/Elbows/Shoulders), Thyroid and Patellar Luxation w/in a few months.

**UKC Champion**Titled in Rally Obedience**

Lifetime guarantee against genetic ailments, and temperament guarantee.

Giant Schnauzers

None available at this time

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