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Gypsy Vanners
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Northern Lights RanchNorthern Lights Ranch
The Gypsy Stallions of Northern Lights Ranch offer a wide variety of color, height, and attributes.  All with proper build, full GVHS registration and solid temperament.  Our boys are with other horses, either other stallions, or mares/foals.  We believe horses should live as a herd.  We stand our stallions at stud publicly - and to crosses upon approval.  For more information regarding breeding to one of our stallions, please contact us at
Chywoon Remington
14.1h  Smoky Black Pearl Tobiano
EE / Tt / nCr/nPrl
**Imported from France**
$1500 stud fee
5 Spots for '18
Optimus Prime
Northern Lights
14.3h Silver Buckskin Tobiano
**Homebred Colt**
$1000 stud fee
Live Cover '18 - 3 spots
AI - $800 special - 2 spots
Royal Flush
Silver Bay Appaloosa
**Homebred Colt**
Yearling Colt - Keeper
Northern Lights
Gone 'N' Dun It
Dunkskin Sabino
**Imported from Wales in '17**
Yearling Colt
You Know Who
Gypsy Vanners
Working Dog Programs
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Giant Schnauzers
Australian Shepherds
The Cosmic Force
14.1 Buckskin
Co-owned w/L'Egance in MI
Midnight Masquerade
Northern Lights
15.1h Black Sabino Appaloosa
**Leased to Oregon**
Leased to Oregon
Celtic Equinox
Blue Roan
**Imported from Ireland**
Available for Live Cover in '18
Intro rate $800. - 3 spots available
Copper Top
Silver Chestnut Sabino Appaloosa
**Homebred Colt**
Available for Live Cover in '18
Intro rate $800 - 3 spots available
Northern Lights