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Our Gypsy Mares are the heart and soul of our program.  Every bit as important as the stallion, perhaps even more so... particularly when it comes to temperament.  The mare is who will raise, teach and help the foal grow into a proper Gypsy.  While here our stallions also have a part in the raising of the foals, it still falls on the mare to really show the foal what the world is all about. Proper builds, gorgeous heads, bone, feather, and color are all important... but for a broodmare, you have nothing without temperament.
Sweet Cocoa Mare
14.3h Smoky Silver Dapple Tobiano
**Imported from the UK**
Foaled a Silver Sabino Appaloosa colt by Masque in '17
15h Bay
**Hustler Daughter**
Confirmed in foal to Charlie for '18
Amelia Pond
14.1 Chestnut w/Agouti
**Nobby Daughter**
Foaled a Palomino Filly by Taj in '17
Sid's Sugar Candy
Smoky Silver Dapple
**The Dock Tailed Horse Granddaughter**
Confirmed in Foal to Charlie for '18
Cosmic Temptation
Buckskin Tobiano
**Homebred Filly from Cosmo x Mira**
Keeper Yearling Filly
Northern Lights
Karen's Twister
13.3 Black Tobiano
**Lottery Daughter out of Kinsey**
Foaled a Black Colt by Taj in '17
Introducing.....  Arrived from Wales in Summer of 2017.... The Newest Member of Northern Lights.....              Incredible DUN - make that Dunalino filly
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Possibly for sale.
Male offer
Northern Lights
Foxy des Pres Secs
Double Pearl w/Agouti
**Imported from France**
Look for her and Taj - Late '18
Twisted Carnivale
Black Appaloosa
**Homebred filly from Twister x Masque**
Look for her and Taj - Late '18
Cos A Sensation
Smoky Black
**Heavy gorgeous mare**
Confirmed in Foal to Charlie for '18
Northern Lights
Northern Lights
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Dun It Again
Dunalino Tobiano
**Imported Dun daughter of Guess Who**
One of a Very Few Dunalino Gypsy's
You Know Who
Giant Schnauzers
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