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Information About our Puppies
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The primary focus of our breeding program is Health, Temperament, Stability and Work Ethic.  We health test for every genetic disease currently isolated and available for our breed.  We x-ray, scan, test and work closely with our primary veterinarian as well as specialists to make sure that a litter we produce has the very best chance of a long healthy life without avoidable ailments.  The goal of our program is working dogs, Search, K9, Service and Guard. However, lower drive and work ethic pups occur in every litter, these are placed as pets, backed by the same health and genetics and lifetime of work and careful breeding as our working dogs. 
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**All of our Giants are registered with FCI (FCPR) and UKC.  I am told that you can use your FCI papers for AKC registration, however since many of our Giants go overseas, we are maintaining our FCPR papers and leave it up to the new owners if they want to do AKC.

**All breeding dogs have been tested for the following genetic diseases:  Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Hyperuricosuria, Factor VII, Degenerative Myelopathy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy - progressive rod-cone degeneration.  Many have also been tested for Cobalamin Malabsorption. 

**We do the following through OFA: Hips, Elbows, Shoulders, Patella, Dentition, Cardiac, Thyroid and Eyes.

**All puppies come with the following under contract:  Lifetime Guarantee against hereditary ailments ; 2 year Temperament Guarantee ; 30 days of health insurance (US only) ; Microchipping ; Deworming & Vaccinations ; Health exams and heath papers for travel ; Show/Work Guarantees (dependent upon pup purpose).

**Puppies are evaluated for structure, temperament, and core reactions starting at birth.  Evaluations continue til weaning and sometimes beyond.  Puppies are listed as Hold, Available, or Reserved.  Hold pups are pups that we are evaluating for retaining in our program or one of our specific working teams.  Their status may change depending upon further evaluations.  Available pups are offered to approved waitlist homes before new inquiries. However, if listed as available, we will evaluate your situation and put your name on your preference and should that put fit your home and be available after waitlist, you will be contacted.  Sometimes this is immediate, sometimes it can take a few weeks.  Reserved are pups that are spoken for and being held for a waitlist individual. Their status may change if their initial evaluation does not continue to fit the homes requirements.   Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any of our pups or for information regarding our waitlist.
Apollo x Aurora litter
BIS RBIS URO1 GRCH Northern Lights Apollo CA  x BIS URO2 GRCH RATI Northern Lights I Just Wanna Show

Best in Show Sire & Dam.  Grand Champion Sire & Dam. 
Both Sire & Dam are Search/Rescue dogs
Both titled in Rally

Spay/neuter contract: $1750
With breeding rights: $2500
**we do not crop ears**
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"Dodged A Bullet"
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Male 2
Male 3
Male 4
Giant Schnauzers
Australian Shepherds
New Photos : December 7, 2017
All pups from this litter have been spoken for...
As of January 15, 2018.  We have always offered our buyers a choice of upgrading to a 36" crate if they are picking up or doing ground transport.  Sadly we will no longer offer this option.  If you would like a larger crate, you will be required to pay for it IN FULL at the time of request.   No exceptions.