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Welcome to our Australian Shepherds, the following dogs are our keepers, and are not available unless noted as such.
Service, Therapy, Search, Medical Alert and other types of working homes are our focus.  We specifically raise and train dogs with the aptitude for these jobs.  While we do usually have pets avaialble in litters, they are limited.  Working homes take precedent.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.
Gypsy Vanners
Giant Schnauzers
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* The Males of Northern Lights *
* The Females of Northern Lights *
Northern Lights
Azure Moon
Blue Merle
Cede x Quest daughter
In training
Northern Lights KamiKaze
Red Merle
Multi-Best In Show Winner
Multi-Reserve Best In Show
Grand Champion
Rally Grand Champion
Rally Excellence
Obedience Titled
Barn Hunt - Master
Medical Alert Service Dog
Air Scent Search Dog
Kaze is now altered, she obtained her titles and most of her big wins prior.  Kaze is what we breed for.
The Total Dog
Black Tri
New Champion
Multi-Champion Pedigree
In training
Unbroken Valor
Tell No Lies
Northern Lights
Red Merle
4 legs towars Grand
Training for Search
Wynd Sky's
Barossa Shiraz NLR
Red Tri Female
Pick pup back from one of our own.
In training
Australian Shepherds